Two Bears Gardens

Welcome to Our Farm!

We are a small family farm in Port Angeles, WA, dedicated to raising the healthiest food possible to feed our family, friends, and community.

About Us

Two Bears Gardens is a small, woman-owned, family farm located in Port Angeles, between the picturesque Olympic Mountains and Strait of Juan de Fuca. Our unique microclimate enables us to grow a wide variety of produce nearly year-round, providing healthy and seasonal choices for our customers. We also have the happiest free-range chickens you will ever see, laying the tastiest eggs.

Our farming philosophy is based on the principles of permaculture. Permaculture is the practice of using natural systems to create a sustainable method of growing food and improving the land upon which we all depend. We believe being good stewards of the land will continue to provide for future generations.

We are also a WWOOF host-farm. This means we host individuals wanting to learn about small-scale sustainable agriculture.

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We grow a variety of lettuces, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, peas, beans, squashes (winter and summer), kale, chard, spinach, herbs, cabbages… just to name a few!

Fruits & Berries

We have pear and apple trees that have been on the property for generations, and produce a bumper crop every year. These are excellent for making pies, jams, and butters, as well as fresh eating. Our blackberry vines are quite robust, as well, and our blueberry shrubs are coming along nicely.

Chicken & Duck Eggs

Our chickens are prolific egg layers, and we challenge you to find a better tasting egg! Our flock of ducks is growing and their eggs are superb. Duck eggs can be an alternative for people who can’t tolerate chicken eggs and their higher oil content makes them great for baking.

What People Say

I live in Edmonds, my parents live in Port Angeles, and the only place I buy my eggs is from Two Bears Gardens in PA!  Their eggs are fresh, organic, colorful (shades of brown, light blue or green), and delicious!  The yolks are dark yellow and meaty. The taste is far superior from store bought. And it’s not just the eggs. Two Bears Gardens has amazing produce and I like to purchase whatever they have in season, from kale to spinach, lettuce (Tom Thumbs are my fav), tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and snap peas. I always know I’m getting the best from Two Bears, food-wise, price-wise and service-wise. Tammy is delightful and it’s always service with a smile, a laugh and good cheer. Do yourself a favor and stop by Two Bears Gardens in Port Angeles and be sure to save some eggs for me! Oh, and don’t forget to purchase one of their purple, insulated, zipper-top shopping bags for all the deliciousness you’ll buy. Enjoy!

Farm Happenings

Check back here soon for spring farm updates! The rain won’t last forever!

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